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BioHaZarD - Joint Owner / Administrator

BioHaZarDI am 38 and T2. I am married with a young son and a baby girl.  My main job is a Stay At Home Dad and I love being at home bringing up my kids.  I am also a self employed Web Designer and I am a partner in a Web Design and Hosting company. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabeties in May 2012, as soon as I heard this news I researched straight away in order to get my BG Levels under control for my wife kids and me and got from a hbA1c from 11.1% to 5.5% within 3 months on a VLC diet and using my BG Meter.  My Interests include cars, gaming on the PC and PS3.  I am a volunteer and on the sub-committee at our Pre-School Learning Alliance Board, where I get involved in running of all Preschools, Nurseries and Child Settings in Milton Keynes for 1 to 5 year old children. 

Grazer - Joint Owner / Administrator

GrazerI am retired from the financial services industry, where I was a director of a number of multinational companies. I am married with two daughters. Interests include golf, snorkeling, motorcycling (in good weather!), writing (my book is now published on Amazon worldwide) and helping fellow diabetics, particularly newly-diagnosed type 2s.

Defren - Joint Owner / Senior Global Moderator

DefrenI am 47 and T2. I am married with two teenage daughters, and three dogs. I work from home as a legal researcher. I am the only female on the board, which means I take a keen interest in all diabetic woman's issues. My interests outside of the organization are mainly, cooking (I am learning loads of new low carb recipe's) reading and researching. I also like to keep up to date with politics and I like history. I spend a lot of time looking into diabetic research and related issues as well as dietary news. I am a low carb primal eater. Last HbA1c was 4.9%

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